Disruptive Technology That Redefined The Industry

A revolutionary elevator and a smooth journey in any building

The Gen2: celebrating 20 years of the digital evolution of elevators

We disrupted the industry with our revolutionary Gen2 elevator 20 years ago — a revolution that continues. Today’s Gen2 is smarter and more connected, re-imagined to meet the needs of our customers and passengers in the digital age. With its smooth, quiet ride, space-saving design and energy-efficient operation, the Gen2 is our bestselling elevator ever with more than 1 million units sold. Wherever people are on the move, you’ll find the Gen2 from Otis.

Designed to maximise energy efficiency, the Gen2 system demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.

The ReGen® Drive

Recycles energy and provides clean power for other building systems to use – the Gen2 elevator reduces overall energy consumption 75 percent under normal operation compared to conventional geared, non-regenerative systems.

Sleep Mode

Lights and fans shut down when not in use, and seamlessly restart with the press of a call button. Sleep mode makes the LED lighting 75 percent more efficient than conventional systems.

Long-life LED Lighting

Reduces energy consumption and lasts up to 10 times longer than conventional fluorescent lamps.

Zero Lubrication

The Gen2 machine and coated steel belts do not need additional lubrication, eliminating lubrication-related storage, cleanup and disposal of hazardous waste.

Pulse™ system

Maximising safety and minimising downtime, the Pulse system provides constant monitoring of the Otis patented coated steel belts.

Low Voltage Architecture For Control

This standard feature reduces standby power consumption by up to 50 percent when compared to conventional machines and protects service technicians during maintenance.

Your Maintenance Program

We take a proactive approach to service, so you enjoy 24-hour monitoring, highly trained mechanics and a speedy global parts network.

Automatic Rescue Operation

In the event of a power failure, the battery powered Automatic Rescue Operation system safely delivers passengers to the nearest floor.

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