OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY s.a.l : 80 years of success that survived the test of time.

Otis elevators were initially introduced in Lebanon and the Middle East through The National Trading Corporation s.a.l. (NTC), a company founded by Ibrahim Sursock in May 23rd, 1945.

The vision behind the establishment of NTC right after World War II was to provide the Middle East with the best existing American industrial products, including, of course, Carrier air conditioning and Otis elevators, while also benefiting from Ibrahim Sursock’s personal relationships with the various rulers of the time, including the King of Saudi Arabia. 

Otis Elevator Company s.a.l. was founded on February 13, 1969, by Presidential Decree. The newly created joint venture was 60% owned by Otis Worldwide and 40% by Ibrahim Sursock. Following the creation of the company, an important manufacturing plant was inaugurated in Laylaki Hadath on May 25, 1970.

The newly formed company had branches in Syria and in Saudi Arabia (known as the SCIC – Saudi Commercial and Industrial Company). Years of success followed the factory’s launch with over 900 elevators produced each year and sold over Lebanon and the Middle East. These elevators were known as the Lebanese models.

In 1975, the Lebanese civil war started. Otis now owned 100% of the company having bought the Sursock family’s shares. Ten challenging years followed with the relocation of the offices to the Mkalles industrial zone. In 1986, Otis developed a joint venture with Richard Abdeni and Rizk Rizk (who were partners in the successful The National Trading Corporation” representing Carrier and managed by Richard Abdeni since 1976). It is worth mentioning that during these years, United Technologies acquired both Otis worldwide and Carrier worldwide.

Under this new management and partnership, Otis Elevator Company s.a.l became Lebanon’s leading elevator company with an impressive record of thousands of elevators sold and maintained in Lebanon as well as strong financial performances. Today, the company is still managed by their heirs, with Philippe Abdeni as Chairman of the board and CEO, and Rizk Rizk’s daughters (Zeina and Youmna) members of the Board of Directors.

Over the years, we extended our line of products to include French, American, Spanish and Chinese models as well as the one of a kind Gen2 Switch Monophase elevator, to meet the market needs and budgets. Our spare parts are genuine Otis parts imported from various Otis sources and stored according to ISO standards in our 3000 square meters warehouse in Mkalles. The famous Laylaki plant still exists waiting for better days.

Our success is rooted in our culture of innovation, resilience, customer’s trust as well as the values that define us.