Gen2® Switch

Plug in Elevator

The elevator that plugs in like an electrical appliance. Easy to install, safe, generate power

Introducing The Gen2® Switch

At Otis, innovation is in our genes. We develop new technologies inspired by you and your needs. In this way we make it possible to offer you the best vertical transport technology, unmatched comfort, safety, efficiency and elegant design. The Gen2 Switch is a highly efficient elevator, created especially for buildings without an elevator, and with an aesthetic adapted to any environment.

Gen 2 Switch Solar

Our Gen2 Switch Solar is an elevator that can run at 100% clean energy. Because in addition to generating its own energy when the elevator goes down loaded or goes up empty, it can be connected to photovoltaic solar panels capable of generating the energy necessary for its operation, eliminating CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and even forgetting about the electricity bill

Generate Energy

Gen2 Switch generates energy depending on the load and the direction of travel, reducing electricity consumption and achieving significant savings on the electricity bill


Comfort and well-being
Noise levels have been significantly reduced and passengers experience a smooth and pleasant journey.

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