Gen2® Stream

Max Rise 120m
Founded on performance. With the Gen2 Stream lift, we elevate performance to meet your business needs.

Introducing The Gen2® Stream Lift

A perfect solution for commercial buildings, the Gen2 Stream elevator offers a blend of elegant design and global engineering expertise. Your passengers will enjoy the style, comfort and speed, allowing them to experience your building to the fullest.

Maximise Your Space

Compact Lift Component

The Gen2 Stream system’s compact lift components fit inside the hoistway and eliminate the need for a machine room. This saves construction costs and frees up valuable floor space for your design vision.

Design that Evokes

Rich textures and classic materials form our exclusive design packages. Enhance the experience for every passenger with more than 400,000 custom options. Creativity knows no boundaries. Explore these options through our CabCreate™ design portal.

Superior Movement

Transforming the way we travel with the Gen2 system

Your building’s greatest asset is its people. As the world constantly changes, so must our technology. The Gen2’s enhanced design keeps us moving forward, providing faster and smoother journeys through all buildings. Experience every ride in genuine comfort, with reliability at the heart of our performance.

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