Gen2® Robusta

Max Rise 45m
Designed to serve a busy world, the Gen2® Robusta system is the perfect freight lift solution for all types of buildings, from airports and offices, to hospitals and hotels. Gen2® Robusta delivers exceptional performance in a space-saving design. The large opening doors can be configured to open to the front and the rear, for ease of loading and unloading.

Powerful, Yet Compact

Heavy-duty and energy-efficient technology combined with speed and power make the Gen2 Robusta lift one of the most sustainable freight lifts on the market. Our team can install your lift safely, quickly and with minimal disruption

Reliable Strength

Engineered to transport heavy loads safely and securely, the Gen2® Robusta uses industrial materials to serve any commercial purpose. Difficult duties are performed with ease, taking the everyday strain.

Designed For Durability

Every surface, material and finish in your lift should reflect your particular vision and specific needs. Our range of interior designs and fixtures endure the everyday wear and tear of industry life, whilst maintaining high standards of safety.

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