Escalators & Moving Walks

Whether it’s our passengers, our customers or our colleagues, we put people at the center of everything we do.

Link™ Escalators &
Moving Walks

Refined yet resilient, moving customers and tenants in ways that
guide and delight
Our escalators are safe, reliable and designed to integrate seamlessly with your building.
Our moving walks are engineered to be whisper quiet and smooth. Both are custom-made
to complement your building’s unique environment.

Built To Last

Customized For Your Building​

Integrated Illumination​


Max rise height: 8 m at a step width of 1,000 mm
Inclination: 30° / 35°
Nominal step width: 600 mm / 800 mm / 1,000 mm (contract base available)
Speed: 0.5 mps

Moving walks

Max length: 80 m
Inclination: 0° up to 6°, 10°, 12°
(special request 11° available)
Palette widths: 800 mm / 1,000 mm
Speed: 0.5 mps

Going above and beyond

When it comes to safety, just meeting code is not enough. The sheer breadth of our additional features stand testament to our dedication to your safety. Employing the very best materials and precision engineering methods, we provide failsafe freedom of choice.
  1. Acrylic wedge guard deflectors

  2. Increased height anti-fall balustrade
  3. Painted yellow demarcation lines
  4. Aluminum steps
  5. Rounded step nose (4 mm radius)
  6. Anti-climb barrier panels
  7. Black or aluminum profile brush guards
  8. Yellow-coated combs

Sustainable Sophistication

Our escalators and moving walks embrace sustainability. Our smart lubrication system uses up to 98 percent less oil than manual lubrication systems. Sleep mode operation plus LED lighting further reduce energy consumption. In addition, the ReGen drive captures energy when the escalator travels in a downward direction, returning it to your power grid.
0 %
Less Power Consumption Than Escalators Without Regen Drives
0 %
Less Lubrication Oil Consumed Than Conventional System

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